Welcome to my blog of high fives and souffles, in other words the fun, excitement and drama of Clara and the Doctor. I'll be posting my fanfic here and reblogging the pretty. Enjoy!~~Mara

The clock strikes t w e l v e


the raggedy doctor meme

[2/4] relationships > clara oswald and the doctor

"The minute I walked in the audition room, he just hugged me, like straight away – He does that – He does, doesn’t he? It just kind of takes any defenses and guards down. He’s so open, and so energic, and enthusiastic, and it’s kind of infectious. You feed off that as well. He made the whole process very easy and enjoyable for me." - Jenna about Matt.



The Snowmen [29/29]


favourite females from a-z

21/?: jenna louise coleman

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